Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Dimensions of the handball court for games

The playground has the shape of a rectangle, the dimensions of which are 40 in width and 20 in length. Most often, the dimensional correspondence is controlled by checking the diagonals: the diagonals of the halves of the field should be 22.28 meters, and the diagonal of the entire field should be 44.72 meters.

The markup that divides the field into zones is also very important. Lines separating adjacent zones from each other are applied to the site.

The goal line (the distance between the bars) is 8 centimeters.

The lines that separate the enemy zones from each other can be drawn as transition boundaries of different colors (for example, one zone will be blue, and the second one will be red).

In front of the gate there is a goalie’s playground. This is a rectangle of 2 sectors (a quarter of a circle) and a rectangle measuring three by six meters. The lines that limit this area are called the gate square line.

The goalie’s exit restriction line is located opposite the goal center.

The free throw line is intermittent, its length is 9 meters. It is located 3 meters further than the goal line. It is also called four-meter, as it is held at a distance of 4 meters from the boundary of the goal line.

The free throw line must run parallel to the goal line (at a distance of 7 meters from it).

There should also be a security zone, a fence and a place for the referee on the court. The first zone runs along the side and front lines at a distance of 1 and 2 meters. The barrage vertical grid is posted at a distance of 1.5 meters from the gate, and the place for the judge is a table (length no more than 4 meters) located on the platform.