Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

Category: Cricket

Requirements for covering a football field according to FIFA standards and rules for lawn care

<p>There are a number of requirements for the quality of football coverage for competitions, approved by the International Football Association. First of all, the field should be flat, with synthetic or natural grass lawn...


Seamless rubber coating or tile?

<p>Advantages of seamless coatings</p> <p>Price. The seamless coating itself + installation with a thickness of about 1 centimeter will be cheaper than tile. Moreover, the rubber tile becomes unusable faster, therefore, this translates into additional...


Martial arts for children

<p>Harmonious development and good health are the goals pursued by parents choosing a children’s sports section. Many of them prefer martial arts. This is not surprising, the body and spirit are tempered in the...


How to avoid injuries in the gym

<p>Having come to the gym for training, it is necessary to clearly imagine its purpose, stages and methods of achievement. At the same time, theoretical knowledge of the basics of physiology and safety will...