Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Seamless rubber coating or tile?

Advantages of seamless coatings

Price. The seamless coating itself + installation with a thickness of about 1 centimeter will be cheaper than tile. Moreover, the rubber tile becomes unusable faster, therefore, this translates into additional expenses.

A solution for professionals. Rubber tiles are suitable for outdoor sports grounds, but this is not an option for professional facilities. Seamless rubber coatings have all the necessary characteristics for competitions and training of professional athletes.

Safety. The seamless coating has no joints that you can trip over, so it can be considered safer.

Endurance. And one more advantage, following from the absence of seams: there is nowhere to collect dirt, nowhere to penetrate moisture. Therefore, such a floor is easy to care for, and they last longer.

However, all of the above advantages can be negated by incorrect installation! The experience and professionalism of the workers guarantees the absence of cracks, swellings, irregularities.