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Month: December 2022

Requirements for covering a football field according to FIFA standards and rules for lawn care

<p>There are a number of requirements for the quality of football coverage for competitions, approved by the International Football Association. First of all, the field should be flat, with synthetic or natural grass lawn...


Rowing Gym equipment

<p>In a standard gym, you will rarely find a rowing machine, most likely we will see an ellipsoid or a treadmill. Such devices are most often placed at training bases for athletes, since in...


Basic requirements for the equipment of tennis courts

<p>Requirements for tennis courts</p> <p>When creating a tennis court for the preparation of athletes of international level, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of the ITF. In accordance with international standards, the...


Seamless rubber coating or tile?

<p>Advantages of seamless coatings</p> <p>Price. The seamless coating itself + installation with a thickness of about 1 centimeter will be cheaper than tile. Moreover, the rubber tile becomes unusable faster, therefore, this translates into additional...


Dimensions of the handball court for games

<p>The playground has the shape of a rectangle, the dimensions of which are 40 in width and 20 in length. Most often, the dimensional correspondence is controlled by checking the diagonals: the diagonals of...