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What you need to know about training during pregnancy

If you are expecting a baby, you should not give up moderate physical activity. A low-activity lifestyle can lead to obesity, exacerbate chronic diseases and complicate the course of childbirth.

But the expectant mother should give up standard high-intensity workouts. It is better to give preference to fitness for pregnant women, the program of which is built taking into account the physiological characteristics of the body during the gestation period.

The benefits of training

A woman’s hormonal background changes throughout all three semesters, her body weight increases, the load on the spine and cardiovascular system increases. She often gets tired, complains of back pain and shortness of breath. Specialized classes for pregnant women will help solve all these problems.

Fitness will help:

get rid of insomnia;

improve the functioning of blood vessels and the heart;

relieve muscle spasms;

normalize the psycho-emotional state;

reduce the risk of hypertension and diabetes mellitus;

control weight by increasing daily calorie consumption.

How long can I train

If in the first trimester you are concerned about the manifestations of toxicosis (dizziness, nausea, vomiting), it is unlikely that during this period you will want to do sports. However, doctors advise not to rush with fitness and recommend waiting for the beginning of the 2nd semester of pregnancy. It is by this time that the female body will be rebuilt and will get stronger enough.

You can do sports up to 38-39 weeks. But the type and intensity of the loads are determined by the physical condition, duration and general well-being of the woman. And a qualified coach should control the training process.


To answer the question whether it is possible for a pregnant woman to do fitness, only a gynecologist who observes her will be able to. Accordingly, if you plan to sign up for training, ask him about it at the next scheduled appointment. But in general, physical loads are contraindicated if there is:fitness during pregnancy

varicose veins;

serious chronic diseases in remission;

low or high blood pressure;

multiple pregnancy;

abnormalities in fetal development;

increased uterine tone;

the risk of premature birth or termination.

How many times a week can I practice

If you have just started doing fitness during pregnancy, limit yourself to one workout per week. When you feel better, you can increase the load to 2, and then to 3 classes a week. At the same time, clearly monitor your well-being and avoid overexertion.

Expectant mothers are prohibited from intensive training. To understand if there is an overload, it is necessary to focus on the pulse. If it is not possible to measure it, pay attention to breathing. If you can talk calmly during the lesson, you have an optimal load that will not harm the child.

What kind of sport is not suitable for pregnant women

Expectant mothers are strictly prohibited from contact, extreme and traumatic sports that can harm the child. It is also recommended to give up fitness during pregnancy if you can fall or hit yourself while doing exercises. It is better to refrain from:

lifting weights;



exercises with weights that are performed lying on your back;

intensive training of the muscles of the press.