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Step aerobics: benefits, types and features of classes

If you are struggling with extra pounds, which are concentrated mainly in the lower part of the body, you should try step aerobics – a separate subspecies of sports aerobics. It was invented by Jean Miller, who is considered the founder of this direction.

In 1989, in order to recover from a knee injury, she stepped on a dairy crate to strengthen ligaments and develop a joint. That’s how a new trend appeared, which helps to fight obesity and stress.


Step aerobics is a specialized training that is ideal for weight loss, working out the muscles of the legs and buttocks. All exercises of the complex are performed on a small hill, which contributes to maximum fat burning. The training takes place under rhythmic music without breaks and rest.

A step platform lesson consists of a set of basic steps. They are combined in combinations and performed in different variations, which differ in the type of complexity. By changing the pitch height, the load decreases or increases.


Aerobics classes on the step are a real opportunity to spend time usefully and lose weight. In an hour, you can burn up to 500 kcal and achieve the following results:Training on a step platform

to normalize the work of the lungs and heart;

reduce fatigue;

shorten the recovery period;

increase endurance, performance and daily activity;

improve coordination, sleep and muscle tone;

reduce the risk of developing serious pathologies (diabetes, stroke, arthritis, osteoporosis);

make your legs more slender and attractive;

get rid of cellulite manifestations, remove the “ears” on the hips.

How is the training going

First, a short warm-up is carried out, which consists of simple basic steps. But gradually the load and pace increase. Ligaments and swings are added to walking. For beginners, a simplified version with combinations for 2-3 movements is used.

The duration of functional training on the step platform is no more than 45 minutes. To enhance the effect, the trainer may suggest performing additional exercises on the press.


If you haven’t done cardio yet, you should first choose a program for beginners. This level is adaptive: exercises are not performed at full strength and with a certain amplitude.

Experienced athletes will suit the average level with a higher load. Combinations consist of different movements aimed at grinding the working muscles.

Especially popular are combo workouts, which are supplemented with strength complexes. They are designed for people who have been playing sports for more than one year.


Trainings are conducted in a high-intensity pulse zone. Given such a load, step aerobics is contraindicated during pregnancy and the diagnosis of the following diseases:

varicose veins;



injuries in the treatment or rehabilitation stage;

intervertebral hernia;


TBS dysplasia;