Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Rowing Gym equipment

In a standard gym, you will rarely find a rowing machine, most likely we will see an ellipsoid or a treadmill. Such devices are most often placed at training bases for athletes, since in professional rowing the simulator plays an important role in preparation, but not in fitness centers! And in vain! They help to lose weight quickly, strengthen muscles of different groups, increase endurance. There is a stereotype that such classes are not suitable for girls: the shoulders will be wide. But this is not true, if you practice in moderation and correctly, you will simply strengthen the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, arms, because the load is distributed evenly.

Types of traction on a rowing simulator

Different models of devices differ from each other not only by the type of mechanism, but also by the type of traction. Sometimes it is this indicator that allows you to determine which audience the model is intended for.

Central thrust. With such rowing, this simulator provides a comprehensive training of the body, symmetrical involvement of muscles. Mechanisms of this type are used for amateur classes, installed in wide-profile gyms and in homes. In our assortment there is a device operating on a central thrust − SPEEDSTROKE GYM – KAYAK with an air resistance system.

Latin thrust. Especially suitable for professional rowing simulator. This type of device creates a feeling of full-fledged training in a canoe. Basically, the load goes on the back muscles, these models are suitable for professionals. In the catalog “Alphasport” there are Vasa Ergometer and SPEEDSTROKE GYM-CANOE – Latin traction devices.