Sunday, July 14th, 2024

What is cycle training?

Cycle training (from the English cycle – “cycle, cycle”) is a kind of high-intensity fitness, in which the lesson takes place on stationary bicycles. At the same time, the loads simulate cycling races of varying degrees of complexity as much as possible.

During cycling training, all body systems work in intensive mode. Students actively pedal for 40-60 minutes, while changing the pace and strength of resistance. This approach to the lesson allows you to achieve high results in weight loss and general health improvement.

At the same time , the focus is on:

musculoskeletal and ligamentous-muscular apparatus,

cardiovascular system;

respiratory organs.

Fitness club “Premier Sport” offers cycling under the guidance of professional trainers in a comfortable, well-ventilated room. Group activity has a number of advantages, ranging from healthy rivalry and ending with the opportunity to communicate with like-minded people.

Types of cycle training

For weight loss and maintaining excellent physical shape, the best option is cycle training. The description of the lesson in detail makes it clear that this type of load will not only help to lose excess weight, but also strengthen muscles and joints, normalize the work of the cardiovascular system.

The cycle training program is designed in such a way that the muscles of the buttocks, legs, back, arms, and press are in the zone of impact. At the same time, the type of training allows you to affect the body in different ways. The type of lesson depends on the initial level of training and the goals set.

A simple riding technique is a basic technique in which the simulation of a quiet bike ride is carried out.

Riding with a load – provides intense resistance to movement, simulates a steep climb.

Fast riding – the technique involves high-speed rotation of the pedals in various positions (sitting, standing), thereby affecting all muscle groups.

Changing the body position – sitting on an exercise bike, the student changes his position every 30 seconds, without changing the pace and load.

Training with weights – suitable for athletes with a high level of physical fitness; at the same time, a special weight vest is put on the body, which increases body weight.

Choosing the type of cycle-training, it should be borne in mind that a prerequisite for success is the regularity and consistency of classes, as well as the correct technique of execution.